Tailor Made
Swing & Shout Festival 2019

The Swing Shouters Little Band
La Nuit Swing (Zingaro-Paris) 2019

Shouters & Girls
On The Rocks

Little Band
Teaser 2e album


Tour 2019

Leapin' Lindy
Bern (Switzerland) 02-2019

Rock That Swing 2019
Munich - Germany

Swim Out Costa Brava 2019

All Of Me feat ZOE COLOTIS
La Bellevilloise - Jazz Roots 2015

Blow Da Whistle
The Street Shouters - The Swing Shouters

Swing & Shout Festival
Tours - 09/03/19

Savoy Cup 2019

Savoy Cup 2017
Strictly Invitational - Final

Stompin' Night

Tailor Made - Nouvel Album !

The Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Guinguette de Tours - 05/09/15

Team City Battle
Savoy Cup 2019

The Swing Shouters
Little Band

Jitterbug's Delight